Newborn Panties Bloomi Forest Green with pouch


A Bloomi Newborn diaper is offered in XS size only and is dedicated specifically for babies up to 3 months of age, or weighing from 4 to 6.5 kg. It may also fit a child who weighs 3.5 kg. The circumference of the thighs is key here.

Our Newborn nappy consists of two elements: cotton-made panties and a laminated water-resistant pouch where you place an absorbent insert.

The diaper has a cutout on the belly so that it does not overlap the belly as much as possible. Knowing how delicate an infant’s body is in a size XS diaper, we used soft, elastic Velcro. The pouch is attached to the panties using tiny snaps. Delicate cuffs on the legs do not leave any prints on the child’s delicate skin. All materials used in the diaper are produced in Poland.

The Bloomi Newborn diaper is very easy to use and very economical. When changing a diaper, it is usually enough to replace the insert or the insert with the pin. You can choose a dedicated Bloomi absorbent insert for the diaper. Additionally, most absorbent inserts available on the market can fit Bloomi diaper, too.

In this variant we offer a practical set including Forest Green panties with Velcro closure and one pouch. You can also purchase an additional pouch and inserts.


A Bloomi diaper consists of two elements: cotton-made panties and a laminated water-resistant pouch where you place an absorbent insert. The pouch is attached to the panties with snaps. More details you will find here. This variant includes panties and one pouch.

Bloomi nappy is made of very soft cotton which covers delicate baby skin. It does not hamper baby’s motion, e.g. while lifting legs, making first steps or playing with parents. Soft and flexible welts do not leave imprints on little legs. Thanks to possibility to select the right size, the diaper fits well and putting it on is very easy. The really smooth and soft cotton guarantees comfort, well-being and good mood! Knowing how sensitive babies can be to stiches or tags, we have made effort to eliminate any unnecessary supplements or unpleasant materials. All this with hope that Bloomi becomes your favourite cloth diaper brand.

Bloomi diaper is easy in use and in care. It is soft, comfortable, simple, well-fitted and secure. Babies not only feel good in it but also look modern.

The graph below will help you with composing your Bloomi diaper set in the right size:

Bloomi diaper size guide

Additional info

Weight 500 g
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 10 cm


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