Comfortable, soft, simple, well-fitted, secure – these are the features of our diapers.

Babies not only feel good with Bloomi nappies on but also look modern.


What makes Bloomi solution special?

First of all Bloomi is one of the very few European producers offering All-In-3 (AI3) system.

Our diaper is made of very soft cotton which covers delicate baby skin. It does not hamper baby’s motion, e.g. while lifting legs, making first steps or playing with parents. Soft and flexible welts do not leave imprints on little legs. Thanks to possibility to select the right size, the diaper fits well and putting it on is very easy. The really smooth and soft cotton guarantees comfort, well-being and good mood! Moreover, knowing how sensitive babies can be to stiches or tags, we have made effort to eliminate any unnecessary supplements or unpleasant materials. All this with hope that Bloomi becomes your favourite cloth diaper brand.

Bloomi system overview


What are Bloomi diapers like?

  • comfortable

It was mainly babies’ well-being which was in my focus while designing the diapers. When baby is very little it will not tell us that it is feeling uncomfortable or something is oppressing it. Instead it will most likely appear anxious or start crying. Therefore my goal was maximum comfort  by eliminating any parts that could irritate baby skin. 

  • simple

I love simple things, with modest form and plain designs. Bloomi diapers are designed to be intuitive so even persons who do not take care of babies on daily basis, will have no doubts how to put them on.

  • well-fitted

Bloomi nappies are offered in four sizes. Thanks to this we do not need to think of any adjustments and the diaper fits our baby perfectly.

  • made of high quality materials

Panties: 92% cotton, 8% spandex. Welds: 95% cotton, 5% spandex.

Pants are made of carefully selected soft coffon with a bit of spandex which makes it more flexible. The cotton we use in production has Oeko-Text Standard 100 certificate and is made of top-quality yarn. Thanks to long fibers and their proper positioning, the fabrics is soft and smooth. The colors we have selected are deep and durable.

Pouch: 100% polyester (oeko-tex attested) with polyurethane membrane and trim. Amount of PUL is minimal, only to ensure water resistance and it has very limited skin contact. Furthermore, in the production process we do not use dyes.

Soaker pads are made of  100% organic cotton or bamboo viscose with small amount of polyester which makes the soaker pad soft and absorbent.

  • economical

Just using cloth diapers can mean even 50% lower expenses compared to disposables. Additionally, Bloomi solution assumes that you usually won’t need to change the entire diaper set while swaddling, but primarily the soaker pad. Pouch or panties will come only if become dirty. This makes diapering with Bloomi even more efficient. Please note that our solution works well with soaker pads from other brands.

  • manufactured in ethical manner

Our products are made in a small Polish sewing atelier, at good conditions and with mutual respect. The sewers we engage know very well both the product and the materials it is made of. We believe this guarantees sustainability. 

  • in Scandinavian design

Living in Norway definitely impacted the way we designed our products. Here I noticed fondness for practical and simple things, but of high quality. Norwegians are usually active persons who love nature and hiking or skiing (in winter). Over time we started sharing this lifestyle, so when designing Bloomi diapers I focused on Scandinavian simplicity and practicality as well as on high quality of materials and production.

Bloomi active family

Why it is beneficial to use cloth diapers?

  • no chaffing, no skin irritations,

  • cost savings,

  • baby health,

  • comfort,

  • environmental impact,

  • no waste disposal – lower garbage collection costs,

  • no need to go to store very often (like in case of disposables).


More questions?

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