Bloomi pouch is made of PUL polyester. It is pinned in with snaps to the pants.  The outer side of the pouch is laminated. Thanks to this wetness is kept inside of the pouch and protects the pants from becoming wet or dirty.

Inside of the pouch it is the perfect place for a soaker pad which is responsible for absorbing moisture.


Sizes of Bloomi pouches

We recommend it in three sizes: XS, S and M/L/XL (scheme which should help you to pick the right size is presented here).



Composition of Bloomi pouches

100% polyester with Oeko-Tex attest with polyutherane membrane and trimming.



Washing of Bloomi pouchesWashing and care:

Like other components of the Bloomi diaper set, pouch can be washed. The maximum recommended washing temperature is 60 Celsius grade. Please beware that pouch cannot be tumble dried, hanged on radiator nor ironed because it may damage the outer laminate. We do not need it at all as the pouch material dries very fast.

Pouch dedicated to the Bloomi diaper set
Bloomi pouch to xs diaper