Below we present in a nutshell how to use cloth diapers made by Bloomi. Our All-In-3 (AI3) diapering system includes three components: cotton pants, dedicated water-resistant pouch and absorbent pad.

How to use - guide

We put Bloomi diapers on in three easy steps:

  1. Select cotton pants;
  2. Snap in waterproof pouch;
  3. Insert soaker pad. You can choose either dedicated Bloomi insert from bamboo or organic cotton or use any other soaker pad which you may have already at home. 

Practically, when we change  a Bloomi diaper, in majority of cases cotton pants will be still clean and it will be sufficient to change just soakers or soaker with pouch.


Bloomi diaper sizes:

In the design proces, we have put a lot of effort to create a well-fitted diaper. Therefore we offer Bloomi diapers in 4 sizes. The scheme below will help you to pick the right size. 


Bloomi size guide

The presented weight ranges are indicative and relatively broad. If your baby is in the lower part of the range, pants will be slightly looser but the diaper will play its role perfectly. If in turn your baby is in the upper part of the weight range it may be more convenient to choose larger size in order for the diaper to fit for a longer period.

Please try the diaper out before the first washing. If the size turns out to be not the right one, we will be able to exchange it. The washed diaper does not qualify for exchanging.


Washing and care:

The entire Bloomi diaper set can be washed already at 40 degrees of Celsius. If you have tumble dryer, we recommend selecting program for delicate fabrics. Because our pants are made of high quality cotton, washing them in higher temperatures may cause faster wearing out. Before washing you need to secure velcros by fastening them.


Some important tips:

  • before washing remember to protect velcros by fastening them as shown below:

Velcro fastening before washing

  • Do not put or hang pouch directly on radiator nor tumble dry it. The thin layer of laminate covering the pouch can be damaged by high temperature and may lose its water-resistance. Though, our pouch is made of a fast-drying material so it will not take long before it can be used after washing, again.


More questions?

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